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1.1sIt's my new passport.
1.67sWhat are you doing going through my mail?
3.65sYou weren't planning on going somewhere with our $26, were you?
3.19sOh, For God's sake! I just had it renewed! What's the matter with you?
2.85sLook here, You're obviously taking us for saps. But we're not.
3.25sNow, fess up, or I'll do to you what I did to John Lennon.
2.35sJohn, have you met Yoko? Yoko, John?
3.09sYou want your money? Fine! I hope you all kill each other.
1.48sAll right, I know how to settle this.
2.54sWhoever wants the money raise your hand!
1.9sHo! Ho! You're smarter than I thought.
2.1sGive yourselves a round of applause.
3.64sYeah. Honey, I'm gonna be A little late tonight. I've got a hooker coming over.
3.09sI know it's late notice. What about the pool guy? He likes you.
1.57sMr. TuckER, Mr. Griffin's here to see you.
1.4sI got to go.
3.15sMr. Tucker, I have just become handicapped like Joe Swanson.
4.94sAnd I demand commercial endorsements and a T.V. movie based on me, starring Valerie "Bertandernie."
1.17sBut, Mr. Griffin--