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1.93sWhy don't you just give up right now?
2.14sNo. I've got to try!
1.67sEven if it's by myself.
3.5sYou're a fool, Joe! A fool!
2.37sRolling Courage. The Joe Swanson Story.
2.77sFriday on A.B.C., followed by Dharma and Greg,
1.63sbut you don't have to watch that.
2.82sI don't believe this. Joe wouldn't be famous if it hadn't been For me.
1.47show come he's getting all the glory?
1.2sHe's handicapped.
1.73sThat's what makes his story so inspirational.
2.12sHow did these get up here?
2.02sWhat the hell is this, BRIAN?
1.1sIt's my new passport.
1.67sWhat are you doing going through my mail?
3.65sYou weren't planning on going somewhere with our $26, were you?
3.19sOh, For God's sake! I just had it renewed! What's the matter with you?
2.85sLook here, You're obviously taking us for saps. But we're not.