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1.43sComing to A.B.C.,
2.27sthe simple story of a man and his chair.
2.54sRolling Courage. The Joe Swanson Story.
1.28sWhat the hell is this?
2.54sStarring Tony Danza as Joe Swanson.
5.16sOnce a man at his physical peak brought down by a cruel twist of fate.
1.9sWith Valerie Bertinelli as Bonnie.
2.1sJoe, you've got to accept your limitations.
3.07sWhy don't you just ask me to lay down and die?
2.12sI can't live like this anymore!
1.22sThat's it!
2.07sThat's not how it happened! It was my ideA!
2.37sWith Bea Arthur as Peter Griffin.
1.53sYou'll never make it, Joe!
1.93sWhy don't you just give up right now?
2.14sNo. I've got to try!
1.67sEven if it's by myself.
3.5sYou're a fool, Joe! A fool!
2.37sRolling Courage. The Joe Swanson Story.
2.77sFriday on A.B.C., followed by Dharma and Greg,
1.63sbut you don't have to watch that.