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1.28sAw, Come on! Who're you gonna believe?
1.03sI got a freakin' halo!
1.38sBye! I'm going to the mall!
1.68sWhat are you going to the mall for?
2.68sDon't worry. The $26 is safe.
1.15sSafe, huh?
1.83sThe skirt's trying to pull a fast one.
1.03sKnuckles, get the handbag!
0.95sRight, boss!
2.25sHey, Give me my purse, you psycho!
1.77sLet's see. Makeup, chewing gum,
2.19sa picture of Meg in a 2-piece swimsuit.
3.65sOh! God! I pray this is not my first memory!
3.45sLook, everybody cool it! I am not gonna put up with this racket For 2 weeks.
3.5sI'll hold onto the money. I'm a neutral party, so it'll be safe.
1.13sOk. All right.
1.2sI suppose we can trust you.
1.67sNow, where is it?
1.02sWhat the--
1.33sOh, Very clever.
2.5sTake another reach. You forgot your change.