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1.3sOh, Thank God!
2.5sGod, I was standing out there for, like, 10 minutes!
1.77sBoy, is that a load off!
3.32sHey Mort, Joe here's gonna be competing in the Special People's Games.
2.77sUh, You got anything that might give him A little extra juice?
1.6sYou mean steroids?
4.09sBut, Peter, haven't you seen what happens to those ladies on E.S.P.N. 2?
3.84sThey get big hair faces, and their breasts become like flapjacks!
2.72sI--I was thinking more like a protein shake.
2.12sOh, God, I'm sorry!
1.7sAisle 3, next to the creams.
2.57sOoh, I don't like saying that word.
2.67sWe now return to Touched by an Angel.
3sNow, where exactly did the angel touch you?