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1.13ssign up today!
1.28sJoe, that's it!
2.35sYou got to compete in the Special People's Games.
2.83sGosh! I don't know, Peter. Do you really think I can?
2.3sHey, I'm the guy that believed you could be a desk, huh?
1.43sCome on! I'll even be your coach!
2.4sWell, All right! Let's do it!
5sComing up in this half hour, our undercover expose on conveniently placed news reports in television shows.
2.2sBut first, Peter, look out for that skateboard.
2.08sHad a bit of a row with a fellow in the steam room.
1sYou don't say!
1.2sGave him a cauliflower ear.
1.28sCome on! Come on! Come on! 2 more.
1.87sPeter, you're pushing me too hard.
2.27sAh, Trust me, Joe. I know physical fitness.
2.94sI was in Richard Simmons' Sweatin' to Books on Tape.