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2.24sHe challenged me to go that extra mile.
2.15sAnd That man is Mr. Griffin.
2.48sComedian Eddie Griffin, get up here!
3.4sYour acerbic anti-white humor was a constant inspiration.
1.37sThank you, sir.
3.49sAnd last but not least, who could forget the fat guy?
3.77sChef Paul Prudhomme! You get your Cajun ass up here!
1.99sWhy? I didn't even do anything!
3.02sThat's it! Excuse me, but there's someone else he didn't thank!
1.57sMr. Steroid!
1.18sThat's how he won!
1.07sThat's not true!
1.37sYes, it is.
2.24sI put steroids in your water bottle right before the last race.
1.6sI'm sorry, everybody.
1.65sI've let you all down.
1.42sYes. You suck.
2.44sI rule. Who the man?
2.03sWho the man? Who the man?
4.07sAll right. If anyone tries to lift the glass, the bell will ring.
2.67sWell then, let's all go to bed.