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1.73sWhat do you think we should we do with it?
3.77sI say we buy $26 worth of ice cream and just pig out.
2sOh, We can dish, talk about who's getting fat.
2.13sOh, We'll just be great big bitches.
2.33sHold on, kids. That's not your money yet.
3.37sThe law says you gotta put up signs and wait 2 weeks for someone to claim it.
2.13sIf no one does, it's yours.
1.2sAh, Lunch is here.
2.3sEveryone, we've reached our goal!
3.55sIt looks like somebody's gonna live to see puberty.
2.19sOh, My God! That man just took our money!
0.73sWhat man?
3.24sHe was wearing a Jimmy Carter mask like the robber in that Keanu Reeves movie.
1.15sThe Matrix?
1.2sNo, No. It wasn't that recent.
2.2sIt was the One where they were jumping out of a plane.
0.88sExecutive Decision?
1.58sno, That was with Kurt Russell.
2.32sBut The other guy in this movie, he kind of looks like Kurt Russell.
0.97sHe's getting away!