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3.28sI'm handicapped now!
3.02sMr. Griffin, you--you can't possibly expect me to believe this.
2.7sThat was clearly a scarecrow dressed in your clothes.
0.73sOh, Come on!
2.59sAnd when I freeze-frame,
1.5sthat's you driving the car.
0.72sWell, There's your hook!
1.1sGet out.
4.7sToday we're here to honor Joe Swanson for pulling my poor one-eyed cat, Bootsie,
3.37sout of the old stove pipe of my grandmother's cabin.
4.9sJoe Swanson won the Special People's Decathlon, and We'e here to honor him.
1.07sOh, Peter.
2.47sI'm sure Joe's gonna acknowledge you. You'll see.
1.7sJust Don't forget our deal, lois.
2.4sI sit through this, and later tonight I get anal.
1.79sYou hear me? No matter how neat I want the house,
1.13syou have to clean it.
1.45sthank you. Thank you.
3.1sYou know, no one can win a gold medal by himself.
0.97sit takes friends.
3.54sAnd I want to acknowledge a special friend in the audience today.