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2.1sthis will not be a walk in the park.
3.25sThis will be the most arduous and backbreaking weekend of your life.
5.62sI cannot overemphasize the dangers which-- Did you bring your family, Simpson?
2.58sUh, yes, sir. I thought I was supposed to.
4.32sImbecile! Simpson, your family will have to remain here.
1.62sOh, man! Oh!
3.17sDon't worry, kids. This is a national park. We can have lots of fun.
2.7sI'm afraid that's no longer true, ma'am.
5.77sBudget cutbacks have forced us to eliminate anything the least bit entertaining.
3.92sWell, uh, see ya.
2.74sEach two-man team will work its way through the wilderness...
3sto a cabin hidden somewhere on this mountain.
2.94sThe routes are treacherous, so use your maps.
3.9sUh, I lost my map. You haven't been issued a map yet.
2.6sWhen you arrive at the cabin, there will be a congratulatory party...
3.17swith sandwiches and moderately priced champagne.