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3.4sOh, I am so hungry. Hey, look, they're handing out cookies up there.
1.2sStewie, wait, don't...
2.17sHey, there. Eat up, y'all.
2.67sYouse is good churchgoing folk. Y'all deserve a little treat.
1.3sGive me that!
2.37sWell, aren't you an enthusiastic wafer muncher.
1.23sWhat is that, punch?
3.14sOh, don't y'all drink that. Youse gonna get sick.
3.4sThat baby just threw up the host! That's a sign of the devil!
1.97sOh, my God, is he possessed? He's possessed!
2.03sThat baby is possessed by Satan!
2.4sCalm down, everyone. He's just a little sick.
2.1sI'll take him home. Come on, sweetie.
3.64sSweet, we are out of here. Now I can do what I planned to do this morning.
1.63sGladiator mice.
3.57s(LAUGHING) Yes! Yes! Die! Die! Die!
3sI have everything and you have nothing!
2.2s(SIGHS) What a horrible morning.
4.44sYou know, all I wanted was for us to share a simple Sunday church service as a family.