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2.27sThere it is. The Crawford Ranch.
2.2sI can't believe we're actually doing this.
2.17sWhat a bonding adventure for the two of us.
4sSettle down, Meg. Okay, I see old man Cheney guarding the place.
3.84s(SNORING) 18% approval ratings.
2.8sI'll give you 18% of my foot in your ass.
3.1sI'd like you to meet my daughter's husband, Michael.
2.7sWow, look how organized he is.
4.8sHe's already got his sugar cut up into neat little lines for his breakfast tomorrow.
1.87sCHRIS: And a razor blade to shave.
1.93sWow, look at this.
2.4sI can't believe Mrs. Bush kept all these Planned Parenthood receipts.
1.37sHoly cow!
2.97sShe's been scraped more times than a fisherman's knuckle.
1.53sHey! What are you kids doing here?