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3.37sIf you mess with Mr. Booze
3.32sIf you've been so stiff they thought you died
3.45sYou'll feel better once you've testified
4.72sTestify, testify This man wants to testify.
0.98sVery well, my brother.
2.07sLet us lead him on the path of righteousness.
2.78sThis poor gentleman used to speak in long, eloquent sentences,
1.17sbut after years of drinking,
2.28she can only speak in short, choppy utterances.
2.5sWhy, at one time, if you asked him who his favorite musicians were,
4.7she'd say Leonard Bernstein, Johann Sebastian Bach and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
2.44sBut thanks to that old devil hooch, it's all changed.
1.97s- Who's your favorite musician, Ollie? - Cher!
1.27sHe doesn't even like Cher.
3.35sNow, alcohol makes a big man small - And can lead to a life of crime Yeah!
3.5sDemon rum makes a gent a bum - And you cash in before your time Yeah!
3sBootleg gin puts you in a spin - Till you don't even know your name Yeah!
1.35sYou're a basket case, flat on your face
1.63sAnd there's only one guy to blame
0.83sMr. B-double-O-Z-E
1.23sMr. Booze
1.52sMr. Booze
3.44sMr. B-double-O-Z-E Don't ever choose