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4.35sThat sure spells booze
2.89sYou will wind up wearing tattered shoes
2.34sIf you mess with Mr. Booze
2.45sDon't mess with Mr. Booze
2.4sDon't mess with Mr. Booze
1.85sDon't mess with B-double-O-Z-E
3.47sIf you've been so stiff they thought you died
8.19sYou'll feel better once you've testified Testify, testify Oh, yeah I want to testify. I want to testify.
2.84sWell, then, cleanse yourself, my son. Cleanse yourself.
2.19sOne time, I took a library book out,
2.94sand I fells asleep reading it, and I left it under the bed.
2.7sAnd I forgot about it for three and a half years.