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2.72sThere you boys are. How was your meeting?
2.22sTwenty-nine more and we're done, that's how it was.
2sThat doesn't sound like the right attitude.
1.87sLois, you weren't there. It was awful.
2.5sJust a bunch of losers telling boring stories.
1.77s"My drinking ruined my marriage."
1.73s"My drinking ruined my family."
2.8s"My drinking ruined my TV show, 24."
3.9sYou sound like two people who don't like being told they have a problem with alcohol.
2.85sOkay, let's just say for a minute that I do have a drinking problem.
3.87sHow is being forced to join a cult for 30 days supposed to fix that?
1.78sI see you got your own thing going on this week,
4.09sbut there's a new teacher at preschool who deactivates the camera and then hits us.
2.15sBrian, AA's been around for years.
2.47sIt's helped a lot of people get over their addiction.
2.75sNo, it hasn't. They've just traded one addiction for another.
3.4sTheir life goes from being all about drinking to being all about AA.
1.5sThe only difference is, when it's all about drinking,
1.5sthey're more fun.