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3.34sBut now that I've joined the program, I'm a whole different person.
3.74sAnd my two new cats, Clean and Sober, just think I'm tops.
1.73sThat's wonderful, Jenny.
3.14sAll right, Peter, do you have a story that you'd like to share?
1.32sOh, yeah, I got one.
4.2sThis one time, me and Joe and Quagmire made a bet to see who could drink the most beer and still drive.
2.67sAnd you know that water slide in South Attleboro?
1.28sYeah! Water slide!
3.12sSummer fun!
4.95sIt was the greatest day of my life, and I owe it all to alcohol.
5.27sPeter, it sounds to me like alcohol is a very destructive influence in your life.
1.07sYeah, maybe you didn't hear me.
2.7sWe drove a car down a waterslide.
0.97sListen to me.
4.02sYou need to relinquish your dependence and give yourself over to a higher power.
3.04s(SCOFFS) You have a different view, Brian?
2.6sI don't know. Are we allowed to have a different view?
3.84sLook, Brian, I know where you's at. I fought it at first, too.