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1.22sI will.
2.62sHi, my name is Walt and I'm an alcoholic.
1.28sALL: Hi, Walt.
1.78sI used to be out of control.
3.74sI used to drink from the moment I woke up till the moment I went to bed.
3.7sI'd get in fights and have crazy sex with hookers all night.
3.15sBut, thanks to the program, I've been clean for a year.
2.6sNow I live in a halfway house with my lady friend.
3.57sAnd next month, we're going on a bus trip to Worcester.
1.37sWhat the fuck?
2.67sThank you, Walt. Who wants to go next?
1.9sI will. Um...
2.77sMy name is Greg, and I'm an alcoholic.
1.79sALL: Hi, Greg.
4.4sOne fateful night, I got behind the wheel of my brand-new sports car,
1.57sblind drunk.
3.49sI was responsible for the death of an innocent 8-year-old girl.
1.83sWhat kind? What?
1.23sWhat kind of car?
2.03sYou said you had a sports car. That's cool, but what kind?
1sIt was a Miata.
1.9sCome on. That's not a sports car.
1.54sHow does that even kill a kid?
1.4sWhat, did you hit her over the head with it?