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1.17sGet away from her!
1.5sWe got a report of a disturbance...
1.93sOh! What the hell, Peter?
2.2sJoe, thank God. There's a situation here.
1.77sI've got a sore finger.
2.17sI don't give a crap. We got bigger problems!
1.94sMr. Griffin and Mr. Griffin,
5sthis court finds you guilty of creating a public disturbance and destruction of private property.
3.15sAnd all of this while under the influence of alcohol.
2.18sYour Honor, if you'll just let us explain...
2.18sI've heard all the testimony I'm prepared to hear.
5.2sThis court sentences you both to 30 days of Alcoholics Anonymous.
1.43sWell, Your Honor, in that case,
2.9sI'll have to call my surprise witness, Mr. Sockerby.
3.37sMr. Sockerby, before we begin, have you ever been convicted of a felony?
1.97sYes, but that bitch had it coming.
3.6sOkay. Your Honor, I'm afraid I have to withdraw this witness,
3.6sand I am going to those things you said I have to go to.