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1.08sHey, shut up!
2.17sHey, I'm not the only one talking.
4.09sThat big guy up there on the screen has been talking through the whole movie.
2.32sHey, jerk. Hey, you keep it down!
3.7sI don't think that he's listening to you. Let's get him!
4.3sROLFE: Dear Liesl, I'd like to be able to tell you how I feel about you.
3.05sLiesl, get away from him. He's a Nazi.
3.37sI know Jews is bad, but thems is worse.
0.82sWOMAN: Sit down! MAN: Move.
2.14sStop blocking the screen, you jerk!
2.25sI don't think you heard me, buddy.
2.02sStep away from the young lady.
2.35sAll right, Ian Ziering, you asked for it.
1.83sDear Rolfe, stop.
2.49sOh, my God. I think I'm in Narnia.