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1.7sEverybody line up for a "Triple H,"
3.47sa hug, a handshake or a high five, your call.
2sLois, hug, you got it.
2.6sStewie, hug, two in a row.
1.17sTry for three, Chris?
1.47sNo, high five.
3.1sWell, that's okay. High five's great, too.
1.68sMeg, back to the hug. All right.
1.5sHugs may win it today.
1.83sAnd we close with a handshake.
3.37sAnd all in time for my big bike ride announcement.
1.54sWho the fuck is this queer?
2.75sThat's you, Peter, alcohol-free.
3.75s(BOTH LAUGHING) Hey, look, there's Joe and Quagmire.
1sHey, let's have a drink with them.
1.74sYou've never touched a drop, Peter.
1.57sYou don't even know those guys.
2.3sThose are your friends over there.
2.05sHey, do you guys mind keeping it down?
2.07sWe're trying to have a conversation here.
2.43sSome people, gee whiz.
3.15sThose are your friends Phillip, Ernest and Jonathan.
1.4sDo I at least call him Jon?
1.73sNo, he prefers Jonathan.