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1.5syou stupid "laugh and cry, laugh and cry."
1.57sWhat's the difference?
2.24sWhat's this? This is the bathroom at my work.
3.12sThat's right. And there you are in the stall with your boss, Angela.
2.2sPETER: Oh, my God, Angela. That was...
2.27sThat was... That felt so good.
2.47sANGELA: All I want to do is please you, Griffin.
3.97sWell that was a good idea you had dunking your hand in the toilet.
2.13sOh, my God! I wouldn't have sex with Angela!
1sShe's disgusting!
1.53sNot when you're drunk, she's not.
1.32sAll right, Death, I get it.
2.28sI wish I'd never touched a drop of alcohol in my life.
1.7sNever touched a drop, huh?
2.25sWell, guess what. I'm gonna show you that, too.
2.35sOkay, get ready for this.
1.45sHey, hey, hey, gang!