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1.3sQUAGMIRE: Tim Honks from The Money Pot?
1.82sYeah, that's right, yeah. So can you help me?
1.77sQUAGMIRE: All right, Peter, find a hot girl and touch her.
1.77sI'll be able to see what she sees.
1.17sIt's blue.
2.45s(FILM REEL ROLLING) Good. It's starting.
1.27sYeah, that's what you say.
3.87sI can never figure out when the hell the studio logos end and the actual movie begins.
4s(THEME PLAYING) All right. Let's see what you got, Fox.
2.4sI bet that's a sea monster...
1sThat's not the movie.
3.37s(SERENE MUSIC PLAYING) That's... Yeah, I think I heard of them.
1.47sHere we go. Movie!
3.94s(TENSE MUSIC PLAYING) Well, now, that seems intentionally misleading.
3.97s(ADVENTUROUS MUSIC PLAYING) All right, someone's coming to town.
1.77sOh, for crying out loud.
2.94s(INDIAN MUSIC PLAYING) All right, period movie.
2.23sOh, not a period movie.
5.76s(TENSE MUSIC PLAYING) (THUNDER CLAPPING) This guy's in trouble. Can't wait to hear his story.