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4.02sI don't care if I win just as long as you're in my corner again.
1.63sI always was, honey.
4.4sLook! Cameron's about to sing the song I wrote for him!
3.94sHe's about to learn the most important lesson in the music business.
4.05sDon't trust people in the music business.
11.65sI'm a privileged boy It's great, I gotta tell ya Privileged boy My dad can buy and sell ya It really doesn't matter that you're on the list in front of me I'm gonna get your table 'cause I always tip the maitre d'
3.42sAnd then I'll go to Yale because I am a legacy
2.05sI'm better than you
2.08sYou suck, Johnny Rainbow!
2.12sI believed in you!
4sNo! (SOBBING) You sabotaged Cameron for me.
1.47sSure did.
3.94sI'd do anything for you, honey. Especially if it's easy.
3.44sWell, I think you're the sweetest dad in the whole world.