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2.1s(SCREAMS) Cook much?
2.74s(LAUGHING) Peter, what the hell is wrong with you?
2.37sWhat's wrong with me? You're the one punching yourself in the face.
1.5sPeter, stop it.
1.37sHey, Lois, how come you keep punching yourself in the face?
2.67sPeter, knock it off! You're gonna hurt yourself.
1.1sYou're getting her good.
1.57sHey, Stewie. Nice sunburn.
1.93sYou horse's ass!
1.8sHey, Brian. You want some Stewie jerky?
1.87sOh, God, that is disgusting.
3.64sI'm finally starting to peel. I'm telling you, Brian, my tanning days are over.
3.3sI'm just glad I stopped before I did any real damage to my skin.
3.64sI wouldn't be so sure. I don't remember you having that mole before.
2.77sWhat the devil! Where did that come from? Brian, what is that?
2.64sI don't know. Of course, your sunburn was pretty bad.
2.87sI suppose it could be the C word.
1.8sWhat the hell does that have to do with anything?
1sNo. Cancer.
2.5sOh... Okay, I thought you meant...
3.3sIt's not important. Oh, no. Cancer.