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1.17sAre they still sleeping?
1.37sI don't know. I'll check.
3.9s(SCREAMS) What? What? What is it? Oh, God! Oh, my God!
2.57sWhat? Oh, my God! Run!
3.67s(DOORBELL RINGS) Hey, there. Are you Kyle's parents?
1.23sYes. Can we help you?
1.73sYeah, I'm Peter Griffin.
3.2sListen, apparently your son got into a little scrape with my kid.
1.97sOh, dear. They're not getting along?
1.6sLike an old guy and a midget.
2.3sSir, will you please stop staring at me?
1.6sWhere's the rest of you?
2.07sSo listen, Chris is pretty upset about what happened.
1.84sWould you mind if I had a word with your son?
2.74sNot at all. He's up in his room.
2.97sHey, there, Kyle. Hey, I'm Chris Griffin's father.
1.84s(IMITATING) "Hey, I'm Chris Griffin's father."
2.64sNow that's not very nice. I don't sound like that at all.
2.13sYou're making me sound like Michael Stipe.
3.04sListen, I just want you to know what you did the other day was wrong.
1.47s(IMITATING) "What you did the other day was wrong."