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0.97sI'll do it, Lois.
2.5sRight after a healthy breakfast of juice, toast,
4.1sand store-brand imitation Frosted Flakes featuring Terry, the Tiger.
1.77sThey're food!
3.77sHey, ladies. You mind if I park here? I'll only be a few minutes.
1.7sStewie, what is that on your lip?
1.43sI drew a pencil moustache.
3.04sI like it 'cause it's just above my lip. The kind of moustache that says,
1.93s"Yeah, I've been nude on camera. What of it?"
2.77sCome here. I'll take care of that, sweetie.
1.87sIt's got spit all over it.
3.07sNow I know what it feels like to have dinner with Martin Landau.
5.2sWhat people forget about Polanski is, Polanski wasn't the perfectionist.
4.34sAnd pedophile or not, he was a perfectly professional person,
1.17sand punctual.
2.7sYeah. Maybe we could talk about something else.
8.77sYou know, my wife and I are very involved in Planned Parenthood which provides possibilities for people who are underprivileged.
2.07sMaybe chew your food a little, champ.