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3.27sPeter, didn't the little Chinese man tell you not to feed him after midnight?
4.37sOh, come on, Lois. He's so cute and he's hungry. What could happen?
2.74sHello, I'm Fran Drescher.
4.17s(LAUGHING) (BOTH SCREAMING) Kill it, kill it!
3.14sWhat the deuce are you all staring at? Is there something wrong with me?
4.5s(GASPS) Wow! Look at me. I'm a young Eartha Kitt.
5.44s(SNARLS) "President Johnson, bring our boys home from Southeast Asia.
2.27s"It's an unwinnable war."
1.13sMy God, look at you.
1.67sOh, look at my complexion, Brian.