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2.24sOlive juice you, too.
4.14sAll right. Next up, you want to star in a national TV commercial.
3sIf you're like me, you suffer from chronic back pain.
1.1sNARRATOR: Oh-oh, back pain.
1.67sSTEWIE: And chronic neck pain.
1.43sNeck pain.
1.47sSTEWIE: Or the occasional wrist pain.
5.81s(GROANS) Oh-oh. One of those parasites that swims up your crank and starts eating away in there.
3.14sWhat? No. No, I don't have one of those. Just the wrist thing.
1.5sNo, it's in there.
2.4sDid you go swimming last week? Yes.
1.73sDid you pee in the river?
1.17sYou got one.
1.57sOh, my God! Oh, my God!
2.34sI'm just kidding. It's only your wrist.
2.07sWhat? You suck.
2.94sYou're supposed to use your deep voice for good, not evil.