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3.4sGod damn it! Come on, come on! Shit, shit, shit!
3.4sCome on, Glenn, come on! Get your head in the goddamn game!
6.17s(SCREAMS) Hey, do you think it's time to talk to Quagmire about his anger issues with this game?
3.14sA white man shouldn't play sports in the first place.
1.43sHey, hey, hey! That's a stroke!
2.13sI just tapped my ball, Quagmire. Relax.
2.77sOh, relax? Oh, okay. Oh, look, I just tapped my ball.
2.23sOh! Just tapped it again! Oh. Oh. Tap, tap, tap.
4.67sOh, where is it? Oh, it's in the hole. Eagle! Yay, Quagmire!
2.37sHey, Quagmire. You know it's not fun when you're like this.
2.4sYou want fun, go home and buy a monkey!
1.57sWhat does that even mean?
2.3sI don't know. Boy, we got a beautiful day for this.
2.77sHi, Mr. Herbert. Here's your paper.
5sOh. Sorry, Chris, but I'm afraid I'm gonna have to cancel my subscription.