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2.25sas he's already eaten and might throw up.
1.32sWell, Derwood,
2.3snow you really are the big man of the house.
3.05sMother, change him back.
2.63sYou know, Endora, uh, uh, I'm getting a little sick of this crap.
1.47sYou ever seen one of these? Huh?
1.73sYou know what this is? Huh? No!
1.67sYeah, it's holy water. Huh? Yeah.
2.47sTry it. Yeah? How's that feel? Huh?
2.89sYou like that? Huh? Power of Christ compels you, bitch.
1.57sI hate Bewitched.
2.94s(Stewie) Hey, so that's a pretty reasonable reaction, huh?
3.4sIt's all right to go to sleep, my friend. I'll stand guard.
1.17sUh, Ok.
2.13sDon't worry. I'll be here all night.
3.5sJust don't try to make me smile. I'm forbidden to smile.
1.5sOh, no. Huh.