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1.27sIt's all gonna be ok.
1.4sPeter, you better do your C.P.R.
4.82sThere's no time, Lois. I got to go warn Quagmire while I got the chance. Quick, to the Peter copter!
2.9sOh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, my God! Ow!
1.52sPeter, what the hell?
2.4sJoe, Joe, get inside! The blades are still spinning! Oh, my God, Peter!
1.84sWhat is that thing? Joe! Get inside!
1.7s- It's tearing up my yard! - Oh, oh God!
1.17sOh, my God! No, no!
1.35soh, Joe,
1.6s- oh, I am sorry, buddy. - it's ok.
1.9sAre you ok? You all right? Look, It's ok.
1.35sIt's Ok, I'm fine. Oh, boy.
1.99sEverybody's fine. Oh, That was scary.
2.34sPeter, what are we doing here? Trust me, Quagmire.
2.7sCleveland will never think to look for you at Mayor West's house.
1.23sHey, there. How you doing?
1.37sGood evening, gentlemen.
1.83sListen, Mayor West, my friend Quagmire here's in trouble.
1.43sHe needs a place to stay tonight.
2.79sSay no more. I'll protect you, sir.
3.97sIt is my job. I only ask that you do not feed my cat, Bootsie,