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3.19sNow, everybody, Cleveland's gonna be staying with us for a few days.
2.28sThat's right, kids. So just treat him like one of the family.
2.64sYou mean like Cousin Janine who we're polite to,
2.5sbut then mock her diabetes on the drive home?
1.53sShe can't eat caramel.
1.54sCan I-- Can I touch your hair?
2.37sI-I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna touch it.
1.9sIt's like a sheep!
2.74sYou know, Peter, I'm a little worried about Cleveland.
2.02sHis wife cheated on him, kicked him out of the house,
1.97sand he doesn't seem at all affected by it.
2.49sHe's probably bottling up his emotions. That's not good for you.
5.49sRight. I almost got an ulcer after you shelled out $200 for tickets to Crossing Over with John Edward.
2.53sI'm sensing an "A." Does your name begin with an "A"?
0.97sNo. A "B"?