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0.97sNo problem.
4.55sPeter, are you sure Santos and Pasqual don't mind comin' in on a Saturday to serve us drinks?
1.75sAre you kiddin', Lois? They're Portuguese.
1.45sWork is their cocaine.
1.65sBesides, look at them in their tuxedos.
1.47sThey look like little people.
2.22sHey, Meg. What's going on?
2.07sWhat's going on? You having a good time?
2.34sYeah, no, I'm havin' a good time.
2.37sUh, Hey, what's going on?
1sUh, you're,
2.07suh, Listen, you're 17 now, right?
3.34sUm, uh, I was-- I was just throwing it out there.
2.64sI was thinking, uh, you know, if you ever want to...
2.1sI don't know, screw around or somethin'.
1.17sUh, Hey, Joe.
2.74sSo, you know, it's just something to mull around in the old noggin.