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2.64sYeah, uh, i-it's actually a pretty funny story,
1.07suh, true story.
3.54sUh, Brian and I walked into your house and, uh, she was with some guy going,
2.2sbam, bam, Bam, bam, bam!
1.83sUh, Peter, uh, maybe-- Hang on, I'm not done.
1.52sBam, Bam, bam!
3.34sAnd then she's all, "Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah."
1.48sBam, bam, bam!
1.62sYou want to take it from here, Bamm-Bamm?
1.47sBam, Bam, bam, bam, bam!
2.04sYou want to take it from here, Emeril? Bam!
1.88sSo that's what we're dealing with here. Any thoughts?
2.44sLoretta, is it true what they're saying?
3.92sWere you really having carnal relations with another gentleman?
2.97sI'm a woman, Cleveland. I need some passion in my life.
3.32sI need a real man. And Lord knows that ain't you.
2.49sWell, I admit after a long day at work
6.24sI don't always come home with that "Riunite on ice, that's nice" mentality.
1.97sAnd for that, I apologize.
3.59sApologize? I cheat on you and you apologize to me?
2.89sCleveland Brown, you are pathetic!