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1.97sSorry, I was dialing the phone. Are you all right?
2.27sYeah, Don't worry about it. Doesn't look like there's any--
2.43sPeter Griffin, certified C.P.R. Don't anyone panic!
1.03sWhat the hell are you doing?
1.87sY-You know, I don't think he's hurt.
3.79sI'll get to you in a moment, sir. All right, I'm gonna have to check and see if he soiled himself.
0.93s- Sir? Sir? - No!
1.7sWhat the hell is wrong with you?
1.98sI've got to check if you've soiled yourself. Get off me! Are you crazy?
2.2sSir? I'm gonna need you to stop struggling, all right?
1.28sLeave him alone. I hurt my elbow!
1.88sI've got to get these trousers off. Somebody call the cops!
1.43sI gotta see if you've soiled yourself.
1.47sNobody asked you to get involved! You idiot!
1.43sGet off him, you jackass!
1.57ssir, I'm gonna need you to step back.
1.5sAll right, Looks like we're clean down here.
1.5sYou guys take it easy. No need to thank me.
1.84sJust pay it forward.
1.9sSo they revoked your C.P.R. card, huh?
4.82sYeah. I tell you, This is worse than when they took away my library card for reading while intoxicated.
2.87sOh, Don't be ashamed of your hand, Johnny Tremain.
2.42sYou still live in exciting times.
1.08sOh, Crap!
2.23sSir, do you know how loud you were reading?
2.17s"The life of a silversmith's apprentice was not an easy one!"
2.44sI got to figure out some way to get that card back.