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2.17sbut I deserve better than you.
1.35sLook at that, Lois.
3.44sAs beautiful as an H.B.O. minority fairytale.
1.89sBut, Peter, their marriage is ending.
1.84sWell, Look at the bright side, Lois.
2.74sIt's a chance for a fresh start for both Cleveland and...
1.8sOh, my God!
2.43sWhat are you doing? What's wrong with you?
1.67sWhat the hell, man?
2.35sHurts, doesn't it? What the hell-- Yes! What the hell's your problem?
1.94s- My friend? My friend? - What?
1.6sYou've been kicked in the ...
1.67sNo way!
1.37sYou're gonna be on T.V.
1.7sOh, sweet!
1.83sOh, my God. Wow! We love that show.
2.3sOh, That is awesome. Hey, hi.
0.97sYou're on it.
0.93sOh, wow.
2.4sGlenn, you sure you want to do this?
2.34sI already told you I forgive you.
2.17sNo, No, I feel like I got off too easy.
2.19sAll right. If you insist.
2.43sYou, uh, wanna ring the bell, Apollo?
1.13sAll right.
1.75sDing, ding.