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3.82sDamn. What is it about golf that always brings out the worst in me?
4.27sSo, Annika Sorenstam, you're, uh, quite the female golfer, aren't you?
2.13sYes, quite the female golfer.
2.14s(Stewie) Ha! I knew it! Look! Everybody, look! Look!
2.07sShe's a fraud!
2.92sAll right, I caught a fish!
1.72sOh, huh. Sorry about that, Loretta.
1.49sHey, can I have my fish back?
2.7sOh, You're gonna have to reach into the cookie jar.
2.3sWell, uh, I can't just...
1.47sYou're--You're my best friend's wife.
1.55sReach into... All right!
1.55sYeah, you go in and get that.
1.75sShow that fishy who's boss.
4.34sLoretta, they have some of that 3-bean salad you're so fond of.
2.42sHey, Quagmire.
2.75sWell, we'll, uh, have to do this again sometime.
2.32sYou name the time and the place, little neck.
1.98sOh, I've always loved charades.
1.38sYour turn, Joe.
2.44sThe category is Famous People. Ok, guess who I am.