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1.53slest you look like a slut.
1.37sListen, you freak!
2.14sTell these people that there's nothing going on between us!
2.07sOh, Don't be afraid of the fire, Meg.
2.25sI won't let you burn.
1.82sAl? Why haven't I leaped?
1.5sZiggy says you can't "leap"
1.23suntil she loves you back.
1.73sDon't worry. I'll get her.
2.84sSo, What were you wanting to work on? Cardio, upper body, what?
1.23sUpper body, definitely.
2.14sI--I need to get buff so I can get my tricycle back.
4.15sLuckily we're running a special right now for the next 17 minutes.
2.99sOk, That's a little unusual, but, uh, ok, tell me.
2.92sOk, The normal plan is 78 months at $40 a month, and $200 down.
2.2sWatch this. Forget the down. Are you Watching?
2.13sGood-bye $40 a month. Let's do $35.
2.2sOk, $35. Now, that's the cheapest?
1.2sHang on. Hang on.
2.4sCan you bring me some of those free gym bags? Thanks.
2.5sI--I can probably just do some pushups at home--
2.23sOk, Let's start with the complete body-fat test,
1smaybe a heart rate--
1.2sYou're actually not hearing me.
1.23sI don't think this is for me.
1.33sThanks anyway.
1.37sAnd, uh, for the future?
1.8sYou came on a little strong.