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1.23sSo, Dustin, it's been a while.
1.52sI got to say, you look greaT.
1.25sAre you trying to seduce me--
1.15sMr. Tucker?
2.75sI am not trying to seduce you, Dustin Hoffman.
1.33sYou really look greaT.
1.52sUh-oh, 12 minutes to Wapner.
1.89sYes, I understand your hectic schedule.
3.79sWell, dustin, We really appreciate you taking the time to be with us here in the studiO.
1.45sIf there's anything I can ever do for yoU--
1.87sBring me Peter Pan!
2.55sI'll keep my eye out for him. Thanks, Dustin.
1.52sHe's this tall.
1.6sCan you believe it?
2.94sOur little Stewie learning to ride his first tricycle.
4.19sYeah, This is gonna be even more exciting than when Brian taught me about Christopher Columbus.
1.02sWhere we going, Brian?
1.83sWell, Peter, We're going to visit the year 1492.
2.37sThat's when Columbus set sail on his voyage to the New World.
1.05sWe're on a ship!