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4.45s...A bit of Turmoil at the White House today when President Bush stuck his finger in an electrical socket.
1.9sYikes! Awkward.
2.72s"Cheney told me that's where leprechauns hide their gold."
1.05sMore at 11.
2.37sHey! You know who lives in this house?
2.1sA great big phony!
1.17sThat's right!
1.35sA phony lives here!
2.27sA big fat phony!
1.2sI say! Look at me!
2.02sI feel like a regular grease monkey!
1.98sHey, Remember that time I had that Mustang?
2.54sOh, yeah! You--You took her for a spin that time.
1.4sYeah, That was awesome!
3.47sAw, th-Then those chowderheads on the corner, they busted your stones.