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1.65sIs there anything more arousing?
4.84sFinally, We go to Meg Griffin for a special Channel 5 Junior Anchor Segment on the moon.
2.57sThe moon. There's a reason no one goes there.
1.9sIt's cold. And it's ugly.
3.37sAnd its surface is plagued with deep craters and jagged peaks.
2.85sOh, wait! That's not the moon.
2.17sIt's Neil Goldman's face.
3.49sRecently, many of you saw me kissing this freak of nature.
2.09sIf I didn't think I was seconds away from death,
1.1sI Would've never done it.
2.1sI mean, who in their right mind would?
2.54sWell, I went to the streets to find out.
1.15sWould you kiss this guy?
1.2sUgh, No.
1.02sNo way!
0.65sNo. No!
2.55soh, God, no! What's the matter with you? Oh!
3.1sIt's official. Neil Goldman is unkissable.
2.62sHear that, Neil? I don't like you, and I never will!
1.07sBack to you, Tom.
1.27sThank you, Meg.
2.47sI guess beggars can be choosers. And now this.