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2.25sOh, We were terribly sick.
2.14sWe were both 14, and it was winter,
2.47sand we had terrible head colds.
2.34sYes. Mine especially was very bad.
3.12sI had terrible mucus coming out from inside my nose.
1.05sAnd the other children,
1.97sthey were very nasty to me about that.
2.14sThey said bad, hurtful things to me.
1.77sThey called me "Tasty Cakes"
1.25sand they would beat me
2.15sand stick pine cones in my ass.
2.24sThose were very bad times.
1.73sOh, I'm sorry to hear that.
2.04sThank you very much.
1.93sExcuse me. I'm gonna go throw up.
2.85sAh, Please flush the toilet twice.
2.23sOnce for the bulk, and again for the remainder.
2.33sThank you. Oh, she's a deAR.