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3.8sI mean the kind of guy who can get overshadowed by Zach Galifianakis or Ed Helms.
4.17sWell, of course, I can't speak for Bradley, but I really think he'd want to be considered for this.
1.17sYeah, the thing is, for this roll,
3.62swe need a guy who has all the characteristics that you would describe as handsome,
1.87sbut who is not actually handsome himself!
3.4sWell, again, only Brad can speak for Brad, but this seems right for him.
1.23sYeah, I think he'd be right, too.
3.34sThe problem is, we'd like to find an actor who has been given a lot of chances to shine,
2.37sbut who has never actually shined.
1.53sNot one single time!
1.88sWell, I think he'd be... I got to get back to my dinner here,
3.27sbut I think he'd be perfect! And I really hope you keep Bradley Cooper in mind.
1.13sAll right, well, we got to go.
1.07sThey seemed really nice.
0.95sGet over here!
1.05sIs everything okay?
1.23sNo, everything is not okay.
1.74sCan you figure out what the problem is?
3.2sI don't... I honestly have no... Oh, God!
7.59sHow do you think I feel walking out of the back room of a restaurant and seeing Renee Zellweger eating in the front room of that restaurant?
1.27sI am mortified.
1.2sAbsolutely mortified!