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1.37s"Oh! Truth."
4.02s"Hey, let's all just go hang out together between the covers of a book."
1.93sI love hearing about your process.
2.07sHey, enough about me. This was a great meal.
1.7sGood, good, I'm glad you like it.
1.57sThey told me everybody comes here.
1.13sHey, there's Renee Zellweger.
1.43sHey, Renee, how you doing?
1.32sHey, Brian!
1.1sThis is my agent, Richard.
1.83sHey, good to meet you. How's Bradley?
1.74sRenee dates Bradley Cooper.
2.52sReally great. He's really found his niche, you know.
3.2sHe's really got the cheap, forgettable lead thing down, which is great.
3.39sThat's fantastic, 'cause, you know, I might bankroll this comedy,
3.17sand we need somebody who's not that funny and not that good looking,
2.17sand that you forget about, the second you leave the theater.
1.83sI think Bradley would be perfect for that!
3.87sAre you sure? Because we really need somebody who constantly seems like they're about to be big,
1.87sbut keeps not actually being big.
1.47sWell, he'd really want to see the script,
1.43sbut I mean, that's what Bradley does.
1.05sI don't know, we really need somebody,
3.1swho has not been the best thing in anything he's ever been in, ever.
3.8sI mean the kind of guy who can get overshadowed by Zach Galifianakis or Ed Helms.
4.17sWell, of course, I can't speak for Bradley, but I really think he'd want to be considered for this.