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1.4sI'm a little creeped out.
4.04sHey, congratulations, somebody famous now hates you.
1.95sOkay, so, that's enough autographs, I think.
1.85sListen, I want to thank you all for coming down.
4.4sAnd remember, wish it, want it, buy it. All right.
0.97sBrian, settle down.
2.03sYou're worse than that guy from Penguin Publishing.
1.98sYou want to get a book published, don't you?
1.6sWell, yes.
1.9sWell, if you want to be in black and white,
2.27sblack and white's got to be in you.
1.4sGod, you know, Stewie,
4.47sI used to think that John Lennon was kind of a jerk for saying The Beatles were bigger than Jesus,
4.12sbut now, I mean, it's like, I'm not saying I am, but I get it.
3.54sYou know, now that we have two minutes to kind of let the dust settle,
2.7sI just want to say that I'm really proud of you.
1.25sHey, I'm proud of myself, man.
1.33sI mean, I think it's like...
2.77sYou know, I think everybody has greatness in them,