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2.02sYeah, don't even... It's so tiny, those other things,
1.9sit's not even worth... Oh, my God, you're amazing.
2.14sI've been so thrilled with how you're doing.
2sGreat. Hi, can I help you?
2.43sYeah, checking in. Brian Griffin.
1.5sYou should usually do that.
1.37sYou should check me in.
1.8sThat's like one of the things I was talking about.
3.02sI just have to tell you, I loved your book, Mr. Griffin.
3sThank you so much. You made my day.
1.2sSo, you still in school?
1.3sGraduating this year.
2.13sWell, we'll have to celebrate while I'm here.
3.25s(GIGGLING) Okay, well, I'll be right back with your key.
1.6sShe's so pretty, isn't she?
1.27sYeah, you know.
1.1sDo you think she liked me?
1.58sI don't know.
3.1sHow weird would it be if she just showed up at my room later?
1.47sPretty weird, I guess.