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1.99sCome on, I'll show you the green room.
2.89sAnd Mr. Griffin, I just have to say, I loved your book.
1.57sWell, thanks. What's your name?
2.1sSharhooz. Oh, my God.
1.28sIt'll just be a few minutes.
2.64sExcuse me, there's something on the wall.
4.99sNow you have exactly 20 seconds to find us a room with a white sofa, a white table,
2.44swhite hydrangeas and Fiji water!
0.95sStewie, there's no need to...
2.58sOoh! I said no gray M&M's. These are all gray.
1.87sDon't worry, Brian. I've got it all under control.
1.57sYou're a big canine star.
1.87sThey should be treating you like Spuds MacKenzie.
1.7sMan, I wonder what he's doing now.
5.04s(GASPING) Now, ladies, approach him slowly. He can't really see anymore.
2.07sI've injected him with the Viagra.