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1.5sAnd... And...
2.23sIt's a special breakfast for me, too, right?
4.87sBecause... Because it is the anniversary of when I started to eat vegetables.
4.34sAuthor! Author! (CHUCKLING) And Peter for eating healthy.
2.05sLois, you didn't have to go through all this fuss.
0.92sWhat you got there?
2.24sThis? It's just a copy of Us magazine.
2.84sCan you believe it? Wish It. Want It. Do It. got three stars.
2.3s(LAUGHS) How hilarious is that?
3.72sIt's not hilarious. It's great, Brian. That's a huge accomplishment.
1.58sWell, I helped get the review in.
4.34sI called a friend over at Us Weekly who usually just covers people with gross amounts of children,
1.63sbut now he's the book reviewer.
1.38sSo hats off to both of us.
2.67sWell, nice going, Stewie. You ought to be my publicist.
3.47sYou know, I don't want you to be offering me this just because we're related.