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1.77sI know, I told you the book was good.
1.9sYeah, thank you so much, Don.
2.37sRed overalls, a yellow shirt underneath.
1.63sI don't really have time to do this right now.
1.7sBrian, they're publishing your book.
2.07sYou're kidding? I can't believe it.
1.64sThat's the worst thing I've ever written.
1.9sNot according to Penguin Publishing.
2.17sIn fact, you're supposed to call the chief editor.
2.69s(PHONE RINGING) Penguin Publishing.
1.3sOne moment, please.
2.4sSir, I have a Brian Griffin on the line...
2.12sOut. Get out! Get out now!
4.85sAll right, everyone, I made a very special breakfast to celebrate Brian's book coming out.
1.5sAnd... And...
2.23sIt's a special breakfast for me, too, right?
4.87sBecause... Because it is the anniversary of when I started to eat vegetables.