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2.27sOh, right, I can't move. That's okay, I'll remember it.
2.13sI mean, I can't forget a million-dollar idea like that.
2.47sIt's even better than the one yesterday about the guys who...
1.4sWait, I mean, the woman with the...
2.23sWhat was it? Was she a shape-shifter?
2sDamn it, I just had it. All right, calm down.
2.07sAt least you've still got Batman and the...
1.33sIt was Batman Meets...
1.73sYou got to be kidding me, I just had it.
1.57sWhat was it, Batman Has a Son?
3.44sNo, no, you fucking idiot. No wonder your wife shot you.
1.6sAnd done.
1.03sThere it is, Stewie.
3.94sThree hours, 27 minutes, and I've got myself one big steaming pile of book.
1.13sYou want to hear it?
1.23sDefinitely! What are you calling it?
2.17s- Wish It. Want It. Do It. - Love it.
2.37sThanks. Okay. "Chapter One: Wish it.
2.33s"What are all the things you want most in the world?